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Astral Projection Now – Astral Projection Underground – 18 Part Audio Course – 4 Part Video Series – 6 Relaxation Audio Sessions

First things first, finding astral projection information online is extremely simple, finding course that dives straight into every aspect of astral projection is another.  Astral Projection Underground is the most definitive and comprehensive astral projection course you will find anywhere.

Astral Projection Underground will teach you everything you need to know about astral projection. To call this call thorough and comprehensive is an understatement. Creator Abhishek Agarwal is an expert in astral projection and it’s clear that his knowledge and ability to astral project is one of true appreciation and acceptance

What Will Astral Projection Underground Teach You?
If you are like most that have struggled for years to project successfully than this course will quickly turn things around and teach you step by step how to overcome the biggest hurdles fast. You will learn how to:

Basics and benefits of astral projection
Expose astral projection myths and common misconceptions
How to eliminate fear and anxiety
How to prepare for your astral projection experience
Relaxing your body and silencing your conscious mind
Over 22 Astral Projection Techniques

Pre projection symptoms and signs – tracking your progress
Common road blocks that can stop your from succeeding
Post Projection Basics
Introduction to the astral world
Astral Plane – entities that inhabit astral planes
What you can do while projecting
Getting back to your body  and more….

learn astral projection right now And discover astral travel today
4 Part Video Series & 6 Part Relaxation Audio – Natural Sounds

The addition of a 4 part video series is a fantastic module in the course and covers some

of the most intriguing and fascinating aspects of the astral world such as:

Amazing Space Travel
Astral Sex
Astral Travel Speeds
12 Exercises for super concentration
One of the fantastic inclusions in the course is the 6 part relaxation audio based on various nature sounds such as “Tropical Waves” and “Tropical storm. All in all there are over 6 hours of relaxation music for you.

Click Here To View The Complete Astral Projection Underground Course

How Serious Are You About Astral Projection Success?
Let me be perfectly blunt. How serious are you to learn the art of astral projection? The reason why I ask is that everything you need is covered in Astral Projection Underground, you will not find a more comprehensive course on astral projection anywhere.  Creator Abhishek Agarwal has created one of the most well respected and well received courses available, his sheer passion for teaching astral projection to everyone shines through and those who take this course are  finding astral projection success, some after many years of countless failures and frustration.



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