Brian E. Paulson - Mother Tone! (Bio Sonic Music) [1 MP3]

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Mother Tone! (Bio Sonic Music) by Brian E. Paulson

[MP3 - 320 kbps - CBR]

Length - 29:54

If Mother Earth could sing, we would be amazed at the ever changing, never changing duality of her song. This paradox of sound devouring sound is a metaphor for the ever changing landscape of reality and consciousness. In fact, Mother does sing! Ancient cultures believed the earth sang as it traveled around the sun.

Within Earth, a molten magnetic iron core hums to its peculiar dance of electrons. Surrounding Earth is the Schumann resonance, a collective of electromagnetic frequency mimicking human theta brain states as well as whale and dolphin communication.

This Mother Tone is found in the drone music of many of the world's oldest cultures. Changes in states of consciousness, telepathy, spontaneous healing, spiritual enlightenment, and out of body sensations have been reported when people have listened to drones tuned to the Mother Tone.

I have attempted to recreate the full audio range of this sound with the help of HD/3D sound design, state of the art and global musical instruments. When listening to Mother Tone, do not operate heavy machinery. Breathe! You can sing, hum, play, dance, paint and write along with this universal sound sculpture.

When we merge together into the Mother Tone, we will then experience the Alchemy of Sound.

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