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If you share this outside , I will unleash my Huna Secret Path to Power all over your face!! :wink:

This is the AUDIO CD version of the DVDrips I uploaded on the other torrent available here on this site.


Want “The ULTIMATE EDGE” in everything you do?...

Find out WHO and WHAT You Really Are in
Now is YOUR Chance to Get Empowered with
Mind-Blowing Skills and Abilities that the most
Lucky people in the world only dream of!  

Warning: You are about to discover the path to Personal Mastery.
Your friends might get jealous. Your wallet might fatten.
You will Radiate Harmonic Power, and
You’ll be Happier than you’ve ever been!

Dear Friend,

          I don’t want to offend anybody, but I’ve got to be straightforward and say it like it really is.
I know it’s going to piss some people off, but that’s their problem.

             I’m sure it was very upsetting to some narrow-minded and confused people when they were told that the earth was not flat, and that men could build machines for flying.

Today the same type of some folks get upset when you show people the truth and easier and better ways to get what they want.

             The fear-mongers, knuckle-draggers and robotic sheeple are going to be screaming at me!

             And I’m good with that, because I’m about to share something with you that is so powerful, positive and pure, that

it blows away everything else!

             And I will not hold this back from you for any reason. It’s already been held back from you for too long by design, or by default due to political in-fighting, neglect, or abuse.
             Enough is Enough!

             The REAL Secret is here and it’s going to come out RIGHT NOW.

             Have you ever been interested in knowing the secrets of how things really work?

Have you ever been interested in empowerment skills like NLP, Hypnosis, Silva Mind Control, Seduction, The Law of Attraction, Remote Viewing or Shamanism? How about Seduction, Influence, Martial Arts, Mental Arts, Energy Healing, Yoga, Feng Shui, Manifestation, Magick and authentic Psychic Abilities?

Ever wondered where they REALLY came from and if there’s a common thread tying ALL of them TOGETHER? Well, guess what my friend – THERE REALLY IS! It’s called “Huna” and it’s

the Ultimate Secret behind Every Successful

Huna is the common thread in all of them! Huna is HOW to get the very best FROM them, without getting lost IN them. Does that make sense?

You can and should master as many empowerment skills that interest you and work for you. I know I certainly have, and I’ve gotten amazing results! And this makes it even better.

HUNA adds rocket fuel to what you’re already doing well, clears out the confusion and blockages when things aren’t working the way you want, and sets you up to succeed every time!

Hey, Listen. If you’re already a success in every area of your life (as any REAL “Kahuna” naturally would be), that’s great. There’s still more for you to learn (as every true master knows) and more breakthroughs are now available to you!

And if you’ve never had that “Ultimate Breakthrough,” or you’re just starting out, or there are areas in your life you want to MAKE STRONG AND PERFECT, right now is the perfect place to start.

             In fact, we’re going to MAKE IT EASY FOR YOU, so you really can “get there” and you’ll never have to worry about it again.

             Sound good? Okay, then. Let’s go!

What the heck is HUNA, anyway?

             Among other things, the word “Huna” means “Secret,” and Hu-Na means the secret for “Manifestation from Spiritual to Physical”
             It means Empowering YOU by tapping in to your full potential and increasing your energy and your abilities so you can achieve whatever you desire!
             Nothing spooky or religious about it.

It’s like spiritual/mental martial arts – use it to kick ass in life, and find personal peace. You become a channel of blessing for your self and those around you are blessed and helped as well.

Listen. There really are people who have these secrets and share them. They’re called Kahuna. “Kahuna” means “keeper of the secret.”

They are NOT at your local McDojo, McChurch, McBookStore, or on the McOprah show. Understand?

This stuff is very powerful and not for the masses. As you can see just by checking the news or looking around you, the masses aren’t very smart.

But individuals like you are different than the masses, or you wouldn’t be reading this now.

You look outside of the box!

You look outside of the box (the public masses feeding troff) because you know that
knowledge is power and wisdom is the most important thing.

             That’s why when people discovered that Dr. Yates (Kala) Canipe and I were teaching Huna, they started filling our email boxes and tying up the phone lines begging for a definitive course!

             So we put together a Revolutionary course and workshop that we are going to film and we are personally inviting YOU.

It will, quite literally, change the way you look at the world, change the way you see your self, and put you on the path to Personal Mastery of Mind, Body, Spirit and MANIFESTATION that seems like outright Magic!

             At the HUNA: THE SECRET PATH TO POWER Workshop, YOU will learn and take home Skills with you like

1. Money Manifestation (so you can ABUNDANTLY help your self and help others)

2. Huna Secrets of Self-Healing! Heal your self. Heal your relationships.

3. Creating REAL Miracles in your life! 8 Steps to Light-Switch Success with HUNA!

4. Unstoppable Magnetic Confidence

5. Dynamic and Natural Personal Power: You’ll leave powerful, confident and able to stand up and speak
   persuasively to anyone, anywhere, anytime, without pretending!

6. How to read the thoughts of others, and give them the thoughts you want them to have

7. How to Stop a Psychic Attack Cold! Even if it’s from an unknown source!

8. How to Easily Locate Weakness in your Mind, Body, or Spirit and MAKE IT STRONG.

9. How to accurately “Energy Test” so every decision you make is the right one!

10. How To Tell if Someone is Lying, and if someone is Trustworthy, and how to make them
      tell the truth!  (what would this be worth to you?)

11. Why So Many Spiritual People are Broke! (and how to not be one of them, yet remain truly spiritual)

12. The 2 Twin Principles You MUST Know to Win on the Battleground of the Soul!      

13. True KALA Cleansing as never taught before! It simply does not get better, or more effective
      than these never-before-revealed master methods from the Ancient ones through Dr. Yates!

14. How to attract your true soul mate (this IS a spiritual matter, folks!)

15. Attract Wealth so you have the time to pursue more important things and higher purposes

16. Walk into a room and Attract anyone or anything you want! No more waiting for a table,or for quality

17. Go through life like a JEDI Knight! Yes, for real.

18. The Huna System for Finding a Lifetime Soulmate.

19. Healing the Huna Way.

… and so much more, it would take an entire book just to outline it all here!

Listen. Dr. Yates (Kala) Canipe and I have been quietly practicing Huna nearly all of our adult lives, having unparalleled and unheard-of enormous success!

We’ve made several astounding breakthroughs and discoveries that have never been taught before by anyone. We’re now releasing them for the very first time at the Huna: The Secret Path To Power Workshop!

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably heard of Scott Bolan (that’s me) Maybe you’ve attended my workshops or studied some of my bestselling breakthrough courses like Martial Mastery, Mental Warfare Secrets, Dynamic Attraction, Warrior Energetics and Secrets of Time Distortion.

Yates is the man who single-handedly began the modern men’s self-help movement and also brought that legendary Ross guy to the world! Yep, Yates is the guy! He’s respected worldwide as a true master of the mind, and he continues to pioneer excellence and advanced breakthroughs in NLP, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Silva Mind Control, Holographic Memory Resolution, Huna and Kala Cleansing.

If you know him at all, you know very well that Dr. Yates (Kala) Canipe is a real-life example of living, breathing, applied Huna Power.

You see, I really believe from the bottom of my heart
that NO ONE should teach Huna unless they really live it
in their own DAILY lives.


Wouldn’t you agree?

Yates actually lives it and you’ll be hard pressed to find a more trustworthy source. Besides Yates and myself, I can only think of one other and he never leaves the back woods.

Dr. Yates and I have worked together closely for many years. When he discovered what I was doing with Ancient Energetics, Chi, Martial Arts and Mind Power Manifestation Technologies and the results it gets, he invited me to join forces as one of the most powerful combinations of personal success coaches you could ever have in one place.

The “HUNA: THE SECRET PATH TO POWER” Workshop this May 13, 14 and 15 in Durant, OK is YOUR chance to really change once and for all, so you can

BE the Way YOU really WANT to Be
DO the Things YOU WANT to Do in Life,
and HAVE the Things YOU WANT to Have.

I can’t state it any simpler than that. This is not hype, it’s just the way it actually is.

It seems crazy for some people, they’re called “doubters.” They struggle and lead lives of frustration and confusion. If you want to make the leap from “doubter” to “Doer” (one who actually does the things he really wants in life) The Secret Path to Power is FOR YOU.

“Doers” live on the edge. If you are not living on the edge, then you are a “doubter” and you’re taking up too much space!

             Yep. It may sound harsh, but it’s absolute truth. If you really want success, you must go beyond your previous limits.That means living on the edge of vitality, instead of the “mediocre middle.” Otherwise, you’re just taking up space and allowing more negativity, darkness, confusion and chaos into the world. Think about it-

No one needs or benefits from mediocrity, apathy, incongruency or failure!  Huna is NOT those things, and wherever they persist, you can be sure
That Huna is NOT being practiced.

             Does that make sense? Absolutely!

             So here’s a new and more accurate perspective on Huna that clearing up some of the fiction that is floating around out there and causing a lot of confusion and chaos.

Dr. Yates (Kala) Canipe clearly and scientifically points out that…



Huna is NOT A HEALING METHOD like the “televangelist tents”

THE Huna Prayer is NOT A PRAYER!”

Holy #&*#!!  Did he really just say that for the whole wide world to see?!

           Yep. He sure did.


Because it’s absolutely true!

So the whole wide world CAN see.

Because Huna is none of those things! So what IS Huna and why do so many people believe it is all of those things? Two reasons:

Lots of guru “preachers” out there preaching that theirs is the only true Huna, and
Because “Perception is Projection.” We human beings tend to project on to things as WE are, rather than as the thing really IS. Make sense so far? Here’s what I mean:
A Religious Person trying to understand Huna will see it as a religion because HE is religious.

Huna is also viewed as a religion by spiritual people looking for what is missing in their own experience (and they’ll most likely find it!)

             Those with a background in Philosophy, Therapy or Counseling will tend to think of Huna in terms with which they are already familiar. But Huna is NOT about a personality! (write that one down) Yet all personalities can and will benefit from Huna (if studied properly!)

            Lots of folks think that anything that has rituals is a cult. That’s just plain absurd! Any physical or mental activity which is repeated for a specific purpose can be considered a “ritual.”

For that matter, so is shaving and having coffee in the morning! A sports fan is another great example, or a karate student or any student of anything at all will have certain “rituals” that help them get in tune.

             So while Huna has rituals including the Ha Rite, it does not mean that it is a “prayer”! Of course there’s nothing wrong with prayer if that is your thing, but we thought you should know the difference.

REAL KAHUNAS, Power and Healing!

             Yes, the Kahuna were seen as healers much like tent preachers who smack people on the head and holler “heal!”

And yes the Ancient Hawaiian Kahunas were ALSO knowledgeable about nature around them including plants and herbs. Healing was done in a variety of ways, but the Kahunas went far BEYOND the medicine man, evangelist, herbalist or shaman!

             HUNA from our scientific perspective is much MORE than ANY of these and not simply a “way of life.”

             Huna is about discovering WHO you really are and WHAT you really are. Not from a personality point of view or from a religious point of view! With the TRUE UNDERSTANDING of WHAT and WHO you really are,

*** you will be empowered with abilities and gifts
that only the most lucky people in the world even could imagine! ***

Nothing is missing from this, my friend!

Allow yourself to discover it and YOU WILL be transformed.

            How Would You Like To Be A JEDI?

            Then join us for the historic event HUNA: THE SECRET PATH TO POWER!

             And guess what? We are only allowing 10 people to be a part of this event. I wanted you to know about it first.

            We’ve made this affordable for even the most budget-conscious person. $597.00 for all 3 days of the most powerful training and skills you’ll ever receive.

          And you need to know, this is not your typical 3 days workshop!  The moment you arrive your personal transformation will begin. You'll have so much fun and discover so many amazing abilities and dormant powers within you that will come alive, you’ll find we may go all day and night the first few days, and you’ll be having so much fun you’ll wonder where the time went! Fortunately we’ll be filming it all so you can review and re-discover whenever you need to.

           You can and should expect this to be the only yearly Huna training you’ll ever need! Maybe you have not fully comprehended the full extent of our commitment yet, then maybe you just did

             Plus, it will be filmed and released worldwide! You will be a part of Huna history. You’ll also be given a VERY SPECIAL PRICE on a set of the DVDs and CDs for your home study and review whenever you need it.

             AND you’ll be among the first of a NEW group of people – the Huna-training Coaches! You will learn and be certified, for mastery and manifestation in your own life and to coach others if that is your wish.

             I’ll see you there!

             Scott Bolan

             “I am now revealing a Secret. You are all JEDI. If you already know this, then you should be at this live workshop with me and Scott this February. If this statement takes you by surprise, then I suggest you slow down your brain and look inside. The answer is there if you allow it to appear.

You know that you are capable of more than what you have accomplished in life up until now. Your level of frustration may be a good indicator.

            Learn how the mind works and the world is yours. Plan ahead. BE THERE.”

             One last word, if you are not ready to be totally honest with us and truly prepared to rewire those stagnating, limiting and old beliefs, not willing to fully energize the Jedi that is laying dormant or partially so within you, not completely aware that your power is with you and what you think and not with the government whose interest is in making sheeple, THEN maybe you are just too skeptical to get it.  If you are one of those who want to come just to TRY to show us up, then I say OK just let me know so I can give you just the RIGHT kind of attention.

                                                                                                             - Dr. Yates (Kala) Canipe

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