Frank Rudolph Young - The Secret Of Spirit-Thought Magic[1 ebook - PDF]

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This book is the result of relentless search of Frank Rudolph Young's ancestors to discover the mystic secrets to gaining material wealth  and comfort rather than those techniques used for spiritual purposes....After many years of search they stumbled upon the answers from an Indian yogi master in Assam who taught them the Secret of Spirit Thought Magic.........

In brief, spirit thought magic is a combination of four steps:

1) The Astral Rattle:

The step involves stimulating the brain by tapping the forehead with your knuckles four times in two seconds

2) Invoke Psychic Power Rage In You:

This is about feeling angry at the fact that you don't have what you desire, to the point of rage

3) Destripe The Tigroid Bodies In Your Nerve Cells

To counteract excess carbon dioxide formation and body acidification resulting from previous step, breathe very fast and over oxygenate your body

4) Listen To Astral Synaptic Sounds

Affirm that you will attract only the right spirit thought and then begin to listen to the astral sounds... Focus and decode the message that would lead you towards fulfillment of your desire....


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