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Einstein's Dream - Mozart's Sonata for Two Pianos in D, K.448 by J. S. Epperson


Please Note : This is a different version of the Hemi-Sync metamusic title of the same name.

Music that induces relaxation while heightening mental abilities produces what is commonly known as the ‘Mozart Effect’. Now, you can benefit from the ‘Mozart Effect‘ and the remarkable brain boosting effects of Beta binaural beats with this brilliant interpretation of this stimulating piece of music.

Einstein’s Dream is an original arrangement of a widely researched piece of music: Mozart’s Sonata for Two Pianos in D, k.448. Einstein’s Dream combines the IQ boosting power of the “Mozart Effect” with Beta binaural beats for enhancing focus and improving concentration. Originally recorded in 1996, I’ve recently remixed and remastered Einstein’s Dream.

“The idea of remastering Einstein’s Dream was really inspiring to me: finally it could be heard the way I had meant it to be heard! The mere possibility triggered a massive re-engineering of the whole project. I returned to the source recording sessions and re-recorded the album note for note. I used the opportunity to use the latest production tools – this time it was recorded at 24 bit, which is better than CD quality: the new master is much more clear, it has much better stereo separation, a much better dynamic range and a signal-to-noise ratio that just wasn’t possible in 1996. This Einstein’s Dream is super clear – it sounds the way that I remember in that studio all those years ago.”

WARNING: This music contains brainwave entrainment technologies including monaural and binaural beats and isochronic pulses. This technology has been tested and proven safe and effective. For best results, use good quality stereo headphones. DO NOT listen to this music while driving, operating heavy machinery, or performing any other activities that require focused attention. People who are subject to seizures, auditory disorders, or adverse mental conditions should not listen to this music without first consulting a physician. Although brainwave entrainment music contributes to wellness, it is not intended as a replacement for medical or psychological treatment.

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