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“NOW! Who Wants To Discover The Amazing Mind Control Abilities Of A Sadistic Slavemaster...

And Easily Manipulate Gorgeous Young Girls At Will?

The Evil Seduction Techniques Of A Fat 41-Year Old Slob That Is Able To Brainwash Hot Women Half His Age Are About To Be Revealed..."

Here are some of the secrets you will learn inside this book:

How to give a woman the feeling that she must play by your rules - and how to make her like it

Psychological tactics anyone can use to make a woman desire you over younger, richer, or better looking men - every single time

Word-for-word emails to send to women that will let you access their deepest secrets - the very first time you talk to them

Set a frame that will keep a woman intrigued with you - forever

A simple test to give women online that will immediately determine if they are real or not

How to respond to any sort of disagreement a woman gives you - this is slicker than the verbal BS that used car salesmen spew!

An incredible script that will re-program a woman from hating oral sex - to LOVING it!

Input your values into any woman's mind, making her discard old values - no matter how long they've been there

Make her feel comfortable with cheating on her boyfriend - or even her husband. This way makes her feel entitled to cheat!

The exact questions to ask her to make her feel like you are her dream lover - allowing her to act like a nymphomaniac around you

An extreme mind-play example that will make a woman think you injured her - when you reveal she's OK, she'll idolize you and never forget it!

How to take a woman's sexuality to a level even she didn't think possible

Thanks to ALL Contributers!!!:-)

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