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The Energy of Money:
A Spiritual Guide to Financial and Personal Fulfillment by Maria Nemeth Ph.D.


Nemeth is a clinical psychologist who, after losing $35,000 in an investment scam, became

interested in psychological and emotional attitudes about money and how financial decisions

are made. She went on to create a seminar called "You and Money" and authored a book in

1997 with that title. She has also already released a nine-hour series of cassettes called

The Energy of Money on which this newest book is based. Nemeth tries to get people to think

of money as another kind of energy and then consider how they handle each kind of

energy--such as physical vitality, enjoyment, creativity, etc. She stresses that this is

not an investment manual, not a collection of tips on how to save money. Instead, it is a

guide that lays out 12 principles for personal fulfillment that will help individuals

decide what it is they really want in life and how to use their money to achieve their

goals. David Rouse --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this


Winner of the 1999 Audie Award for Best Personal Development audiobook, THE ENERGY OF MONEY

offers listeners a challenging and refreshing window on money and spirituality.

Maria Nemeth, a clinical psychologist with many years of experience, has presented a series

of highly successful "You and Money" seminars over the past 15 years. This audiobook

distills the best of these workshops and combines a spiritual perspective of money with

sound practical advice.

THE ENERGY OF MONEY is not an investment or budgeting course, nor is it a treatise on

prosperity consciousness. Rather, it is an intensely introspective course that requires

listeners to examine their beliefs, habits and deeply ingrained behavior patterns

surrounding money.

Using powerful techniques and exercises, Nemeth addresses such topics as: the three

symptoms of driven behavior, binging and purging with money, scarcity, unfinished money

business, plugging money leaks, "busyholism," and creating and meeting realistic financial

goals. A helpful study guide accompanies the set.

THE ENERGY OF MONEY is a rewarding work, impeccably presented and recorded, and worth

repeated listening. C.S. Winner of AUDIOFILE Earphones Award. AudioFile 2000, Portland,



The Energy of Money: A Spiritual Guide to Financial and Personal Fulfillment, by Maria

Nemeth, Ph.D., outlines a distinctly unique approach to one of the most dominant yet

forbidden topics in modern society: money, and how we deal with it. A clinical psychologist

who once lost $35,000 in a fraudulent investment scheme, Nemeth learned from that ordeal

(and similar experiences of friends and associates) how most of us develop relationships

with money, and the ways in which we subsequently can bring these in line with our actual

dreams and realities. She initially used this knowledge to start a workshop called You and

Money, which eventually attracted more than 4,500 participants and led to the development

of concepts now delineated in this book. Quoting relevant wisdom espoused by those ranging

from Joseph Campbell and Ram Dass to Mark Twain and Dorothy Parker, Nemeth sets out "12

principles for personal fulfillment" designed to help readers "uncover the hidden landscape

of beliefs, behavior patterns, and habits that underlie and sometimes subvert how you use

money and other forms of energy." The result is a refreshing, useful, and surprisingly

accessible mixture of universal financial advice and the much rarer--but no less

important--ethereal side of fiscal self-management. --Howard Rothman --This text refers to

an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.


Why "The Energy of Money" works
Rating 5

The Energy of Money," by Maria Nemeth, NOT a new age serman a la Suzie Orman

chiding one regarding spiritual points in one's life which require cleaning up before money

comes along. Nor does Nemeth's approach give one the feeling of being preached to by a

moneyed person sharing their "get rich" philosphies with all "the little people."

What Nemeth's book does do is explain how ideas begin in a realm of energy, requiring

translation into the physical realm.Her guidelines are accompanied by well thought-out

explanations which most folks can relate to some other area of their lives.

Dr. Nemeth's approach is basic, straight-forward and makes sense without judgements,

spiritual lists, and long verbose explanations.

I definitely recommend this book for anyone desiring to better understand money: what it

is/is not, how it moves in the world,and how to relate to the energy of money in a manner

which may successfully bring more into one's life.

The best investment you can make

I spent my entire life (from early childhood to late 40s) terrified about becoming poor,

about never earning enough, about never having enough, etc. I was always financially

desperate at the emotional level, no matter what the outer circumstances. On the surface I

looked successful and did fine, but inside I suffered constant anxiety about money issues

-- about my financial survival.

A friend gave me this book several years ago and reading it (and doing the exercises)

changed something fundamental inside of me. In place of anxiety, I now enjoy a sense of

peace and security. The material Dr. Nemeth presents is wise and pragmatic, profound and

fascinating to read. It strikes very deeply into the secret heart of the reader where our

money problems originate. My outlook has been permanently transformed by what I read and

I'm very grateful.

If you've ever felt hopeless about money, or simply wanted to do more with what you have,

this book will take you on a journey to mastering your finances from the inside out. Read

it to your children. Share it with your friends. I'd rate this book 10 stars if I could.

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