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Beating The "Ugh" Factor (Special Mindhackers' Guild/Joint Workshop)

Have you got a task (or tasks!) that just make you go, "ugh"?
Like the, "I know I decided to exercise today, but... ugh."

Or, "I know I thought this project was exciting yesterday, while I was coming up with the idea, but now, it just seems like work... ugh."

Well, recently, I stumbled onto a new and unique way to get past this "ugh" factor, and in fact, dissolveit altogether, for any given task.

In this program -- recorded live at a special joint workshop for Mind Hackers' Guild members and Effortless Way subscribers -- you'll learn the secret of beating the "ugh" factor: a simple technique that transforms all kinds of "ughs" into "not bad"s and even motivational "mmm"s.

The program is fairly lengthy, because we actually went into detail on several people's specific procrastination and other "ugh"s. So you'll be hearing plenty of examples to help you work through your own. You can probably get away with doing each part on different days, but it'll probably be easiest to follow along if you watch each part in a single sitting.

Important! Notes/Handout Pages
Download and print this out before you start, to use as a worksheet during the
program, and a cheat-sheet afterwards:

Download PDF

Part 1: The Motivation Equation

Part 2: Beating The Resistance

Part 3: Making It Stick

So, enjoy!

Watch the videos or listen to the MP3's, do the exercises, and then, when you're done, please use the "Add new comment" link at the bottom of this page to let me know what you think.

PJ Eby
Mind Hacking Instructor
Founder, The Mind Hackers' Guild

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