R.B. Sparkman - The Art of Manipulation [1 eBook - PDF]

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I can't give that great a description right now because I'm only halfway through, but so far this book is fantastic. It's out of print these days, and as you can see from the links below, physical copies of this book are pretty hot items:


I posted it in and TheVault because the ideas in this book can be applied to business and to women/the rest of your personal life as well.

Here's the table of contents:
Chapter 1: Five Percent of the People Manipulate the Other Ninety-five Percent - What do these manipulators know that the rest of us don't?

Chapter 2: Tactic 1: Character Types to Watch Out For - Tips that tell you you're about to be taken

Chapter 3: Tactic 2: How to Make a Slave Out of a Person - What made you think being good to people all the time will ever get you what you want?

Chapter 4: Tactic 3: The World is Ride with Favoritism - How to put it to work for you

Chapter 5: Tactic 4: The Essence of Manipulation - "I don't need you. You need me."

Chapter 6: Tactic 5: And the Meek Shall Manipulate the Earth - Never know much, and you'll get further

Chapter 7: Tactic 6: How to Pick a Person Apart and Discover His Real Motives and Feelings

Chapter 8: Tactic 7: The Guernsey vs. The Brahma - Why a "Positive Attitude" is like a Gigolo

Chapter 9: Tactic 8: How to Avoid Being Taken in Financial Dealings - Watch where the money is.

Chapter 10: Tactic 9: Manipulating a Person's Thinking - Know whose mind you can change, and when it's better to shut up.

Chapter 11: Tactic 10: Win Ninety-five Percent of Your Arguments - Rule of Thumb 2: Let sleeping dogs lie if they don't affect your vital interests

Chapter 12: Tactic 11: Manipulate a Person Against His Will and Make Him Like It - The Unargue Technique

Chapter 13: Tactic 12: A Little Pressure Has Its Place - But Seldom

Chapter 14: Tactic 13: If All Else Fails, Try the Dirty Way

Chapter 15: Tactic 14: How to Squelch Ingratitude Before It Starts

Chapter 16: What you Get Out of Using People for Your Own Selfish Ends


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