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Tallulah Sulis - Make Any Woman Squirt
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In my Make Any Woman Squirt eBook, I’ll show you:
• How ejaculation will actually make her love her body MORE than she does now and feel more confident about how her body looks and operates
• The way you can confidently approach her and introduce the idea of female ejaculation to her, or the way you can take her ejaculatory responses to a whole new dimension
• A couples exercise with explicit detail telling you exactly what to do each step of the way. Here’s just a single sentence example from a multi-page routine in MAWS: “Do it as a rocking and curving motion so that you’re finishing the stroke and when you’re making the last bit of curve, think about making contact with the legs of her clitoris as they curve around inside her vagina.”
• The couples stroking exercise has a 2,482 word description… just this one practice gives you 4 1/2 pages of thorough, precise instruction you can follow word for word or integrate and riff on with your own style.
• The way to get to the heart of her Yoni, finding her G-Spot
• The 2 most highly sensitive parts of the G Spot, once you accurately know the map of her anatomy
• How to blend some of the 7 different kinds of female orgasms, from clitoral to cervical and beyond
• A dozen tips on a checklist to prepare for your ejaculatory session
• Recommendations for the right lubes to use during different parts of the stroking patterns. Remember, it’s going to get washed off when she starts releasing her feminine waters. You need the most appropriate lubrication available and I’ll tell you what works best
• How to explore her history and perspectives as a baseline for your connection
• Ways to give her permission and encouragement so she can just “let it GO!”
• Managing the dance between force and surrender
• Personal stories from women and men who have taken the workshops and purchased the eBook or bought access to the entire collection of content in the membership site
• Insight into how to tap into your unlimited sexual potential… I’ll show you how it’s the gift that keeps on giving…
• The 5 G Spot Stimulation options
• The Clit-G-Spot “Dance.” Oh yeah, get down!
• Exactly what the Skene’s Glands are, where they are in her body and how they work.
• A scientific explanation of the composition of ejaculate – it’s prostatic fluid that includes (PSA) prostate-specific antigens and (PSAP) prostate- specific acid posphatase. You’ll be able to confidently defend the truth that ejaculate is not pee and sound super smart too.
• Can you tell me why the word “squirt” is a misnomer? It’s deceptive. Find out why
• Understanding how to pump up profound PC pleasure pulsations
• The best part of my teaching. I call it, “Birthing Your Orgasm.” This analogy will have her squirting in no time flat.
• What to do if she feels like she has to pee and has a fear of pushing out or wetting the bed
• And what you should do to prevent yourself from blocking her urethral opening
• Teamwork techniques for ejaculating WITH (or on) your lover. Go team!
• The “Cum Hither move — one of my personal favorites — done the “right” way for maximum effect
• What it means to “Hold Space” for your partner
• An Intro to Yoni Massage – a “sensual genital massage” I suggest you have daily.
And too much more to list here…

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