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If you like to learn how to gain new levels of persuasion and influence and you want to understand psychic influence without bullsh*t, then you have to listen to this guy.

Yates was one of the guys who expand the understandings of Paul Ross/Ross Jeffries and help him to get solid knowledge about the real secret behind magickal stuff.

In this program you gonna learn:

* What is Magick, how cotidiane can be.

* Why EVERYONE can do magick and actually does, examples.

* Altered States of Consciousness: how they can be used to supercharge your magick AND how magick can supercharge your meditation/hypnosis practices.

* How to make a person do whatever you want and make them feel whatever everything you want using energy packs.

* The easy steps to influence using magick.

* And More!

Speed Seduction and a lot of trainers use magicak stuff so don't be surprised if you find very similarities between a lot of disciplines and magick.

This videos can be find on youtube BUT I know there's people like me who likes to get all in just one place... oh and I convert them into mp3 so people who likes to learn without stick to their computers can put it into a mp3/iPod.

You have to be open minded about that. And see all of this stuff as rituals because as you already know, the mind LOVE rituals.


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